The Appraisal, part 4

It has been three days since we spent such a passionate afternoon “assessing” your house for sale and sampling the delights of our bodies through the house.
I’m hard at work on your sale and already have five clients impatient to see your property. I’m about to call you to make arrangements for you first viewing when the office receptionist buzzed my office.

“You have a delivery, sir,” she said, “it’s very big!”

“Send it up.” I reply, curious.

In a minute a delivery boy appears at my office with a huge canvas, wrapped in brown paper. Giving him a generous tip, I turn to the wrapping in wonderment. It feels like Christmas. Ripping the paper off, I see before me the record of our lovemaking in your basement in living color. It is a riot of colors, and to the uninformed observer it would merely be an abstract painting, but knowing it source I can pick out the landmarks of our bodies almost immediately. Here is the imprint of your nipple, and over here the outline of my testicles dropping to the canvas past my thigh. There is a conflagration of arms and legs showing our different positions and my memory of our coupling rushes back to me deliciously.

Without taking my eyes off the masterpiece of our coitus, I step back behind my desk and reach for the phone. I already know your number by heart, having almost dialed it dozens of times. The phone only rings twice before you snatch it up.

“I was wondering when I was going to hear from you,” your voice responds, delighted.
“Did you get my delivery?”

“Yes, I can’t take my eyes off it!” I reply. “When can I see you? There are clients that want to view the house but I’m sure we should check it over at least once more.”

I hear you giggle in response. “Well I have guests this afternoon, but I think I can pencil you in tonight if you’re free…” You sound hopeful.

“I wouldn’t miss it for the world.” I answer.

“Well I have to run, lover, but here’s one last gift for you: I’m not wearing any panties today, hoping I could lure you here.”

Oh my fucking god, I think, I am in for a wild ride.

Little did I know what she had in store for later…


(Continues with The Laundry Room)