The Appraisal

You are preparing your home for sale. You have a great referral for an agent with an impressive sales record and who has wonderful sales staging cred. One of the attractive features you’ve heard about this agent is his guarantee if he sells your home within two weeks he’ll cut his percentage by a third. You’ve worked hard to cull the clutter and and the family pictures. You’ve featured your husband’s art through the house to give it that edgy cultured Portland flair… The agent is a few minutes early, and you’ve been putting up your hair and dressing to impress. As you run to answer the door, you see him waiting through the window: “Wow!” You think, “An expert agent and looks too!”

Waiting at the door, I see your lovely eyes first, and blush uncontrollably. “I’m John, your agent,” I said, “Let’s see how we can turn your jewel of a house around in less than a week!”

You eye me surreptitiously up and down, hoping I don’t see how you’re drinking me in, my close-trimmed beard sprinkled with salt among my brown hair, my brown eyes full of life and fire. I’m built like a cuddly teddy bear. You think of papa bear in the fairy tale trying out your bed. “Omg! I need to sell this house!” you think, “not sleep with the agent!”

I case the front room, the hardwood floors with the Swedish finish, the crown moldings and the designer paint scheme, the period lighting lovingly restored, “Very impressive,” I say, “You’ve preserved the character of the house’s period and contemporized the color scheme with real sophistication.”

Now it’s you who are blushing. Your head is spinning a little, full of competing thoughts about selling the house and the electricity that is sparking in the room. Can you keep your mind on this appraisal?

“Let’s walk through the house quickly,” I suggest, sensing the pause in the conversation, “I want to see this the way prospective buyers will be taking everything in.”

“Let’s start in the kitchen,” you suggest, “I’m particularly excited about the granite countertops, and the farmhouse style deep sink.” You see a small piece of paper towel you missed from breakfast, and bend down to sweep it into the garbage, realizing you have displayed your shapely ass like an ape in heat…

I whistle my approval, “VERY nice!” I say, “Very, VERY, nice!”

You take your time turning back to me, feeling the hot blood rush up to your face and down to your cunt simultaneously. You’re embarrassed and so turned on at the same time. “Can I get through this?” You ask yourself. “I feel like a schoolgirl for the first time in years,” you think, desperate to hide your rising desire. As you turn back to me, you can’t help but fix your eyes on the growing bulge in my suit trousers, moving your eyes quickly up to my sly smile. An arc of lightning sparks in the room, everything else losing focus.

Before you realize what’s happening, we fall together like a collapsing star, sucked in by the gravitational pull of the undeniable passion that has inflamed us both, house sales and staging have lost all meaning and existence, the only things in the universe are you and I tumbling together. Lifting you on the cold granite, you wrap your legs around me, our lips drinking in our souls. There are no individuals in the room anymore, we are inseparable and there are no boundaries…

Our lips are locked for what seems an eternity, you’ve forgotten to breathe and you’re close to blacking out. You break our passionate kiss with a sharp intake of air, (where has the oxygen in the room gone?) “Maybe I should show you the bedrooms,” you gasp, “we have three.”

“Which one do you want to show me first?” I grin like a hungry bear, “I’m sure we can find a bed that is JUST RIGHT.” You take my hand and quickly move down the hall and turning into the first door on the right, “the guest room is a good place to start…” You realize you’ve unconsciously worn your sexiest lingerie underneath, a black lace bra and panty set with red ribbon woven into the edges, you had chosen thigh-high hosiery, “my god,” you think to yourself, “the last time I wore this was our anniversary!” The inevitability of this liaison becoming more clear, you give yourself over to my eager hands, unbuttoning your blouse quickly and burying my face into your anticipating cleavage…

I breathe hot air on your nipples through your lacy bra, licking and biting you lightly. You throw your head back in abandonment, you haven’t felt like this in years… “Yes! Yes! Yes!” You cry out (god, are the neighbors home? This room faces their house!) You glance at the windows to check where the curtains are, and realize they are pulled back, and in a nanosecond you realize you don’t care anymore, let them look!

I unclasp the front closure of your bra, drinking deeply of your nipples, almost as if you really have milk. I cup your breasts firmly as you arch your back on the bed, leaning over you. You can feel my cock demand your attention on your thighs as you savor my ministrations, your fingers drift to my trousers, first rubbing me through the fine gabardine, then searching blindly for my zipper and delighting in my red paisley silk boxers. You find the folds of my boxers’ fly and reach in, my famished cock popping out ready for you. You trace your fingers lightly around the rim of my head, reveling in the little bites I’m giving your breasts and nipples, which are hard with desire. You hear me gasp as I move from your right nipple to your left, aware of the power you have over me. You cup your hand around my shaft, moving up and down, feeling the urgent blood throb beneath my skin, feeling me hesitate with distraction as I rise to your delicate but insistent rubbing.

I take one hand and unclasp my oxblood leather belt, kicking off my matching shoes in an instant… “How did he get his socks off so fast?” You wonder, unaware that I have stopped sucking you at any point. You reach to your hip and run the zipper of your tight skirt down, and it drops to the floor. Now only your panties stand between complete union, I repeat my approach as my head drops to your crotch, first blowing my hot breath through the wet lace, savoring your salty sweet moisture, my hard tongue pressing through the fabric and parting your labia folds, I move down almost to your ass and trace up to your clit before my hands reach to your hips and slip your panties to the mountain of clothes on the oriental rug.

You don’t even think of how there’s going to be a stain on the satin duvet, as you open your thighs to my mouth, spreading almost into a split in the air, then bending your knees to dig your heels into my back. “Mmmmmm!” I hum my approval, not missing a beat as I peel back your pussy folds and my saliva flows into the flood of your juices, you can’t believe my tongue is going as deep as it feels, and then I find your clit and swirl the tip of my tongue around its firm nubbin, teasing you as your mound grows with delight. “Oh, yes, you found the spot!” You whisper breathlessly, “Don’t stop! Don’t stop! Oh My God! I might cum before I let you in!”

I feel the waves building in you, delighted I can give you this before I enter you, I plunge two fingers into your dripping cunt as I press down on your clit, ever circling, you arch your back like a bridge, and the waves begin like a tsunami on a tear, flooding over you and washing you away in delight.

“Can I have seconds?” You grin slyly, hoping I’m not in a hurry. “I have all day,” I reply, “I want to serve you thoroughly.” “Wow,” you think, “this never happened to me before, I never thought I was that kind of desirable, can I stop the clock on this day?” “Let me show you the master bedroom,” you speak aloud, hoping I hadn’t heard the rest, “you can master me there!”

“Let’s go,” I reply, “I’m feeling impatient to try everything on the menu!”

You don’t even remember how we got to your bed, suddenly you’re there and you’re pushing me down, having swept off the covers in a flourish, “This is all for you,” you smile, “let me eat you whole.” You step to the other side of the bed, climbing over me, opening your legs and sitting on my face as you suck on the head of my cock. Oh, god, you can taste that first drop of cum that formed like dew on my hole, you’re lost in hunger as you take me deeper in your mouth. You never realized you could open your mouth so deep as almost all of my shaft disappears into your lovely mouth.

Your saliva drenching me, I feel you begin to move up and down, slowly, and then faster and more urgently, hearing me breathless with a rising ardor. I realize I’m not doing my part, I smell your sweet sex but my lips aren’t moving yet, so I repeat my pattern on your clit. You slip your mouth up and off me for just a second, “Lower,” you instruct with anticipation, and I obey. Moving my mouth down, licking up and down as I go, I find your tight asshole and circle it, outside the rim at first, then spiraling in and teasing your opening with my desire. Now you’re the one who hums with approval, not pausing in your rapid thrusting up and down along my shaft, periodically sucking hard on my head and tasting more cum drops as you feel me tense for an eruption.

“No, I want to cum inside you,” I plead. “Nuh-huh,” you deny me, taking control and relishing your power over me. You’re going to drink me in as deeply as you felt me devour your tits. You’re at the wheel now and you won’t relinquish your control. You love the feeling, not having had it in years.

Now I’m the one that’s arching my back, I can’t help but reciprocate your movements up and down, we’re moving like a piston and rocker-lever, a well-oiled machine rushing to a trainwreck of collapse. You’re Casey Jones at the throttle and nothing is going to brake this cataclysm! You pour it on, as I thrust my tongue delightfully into your willing asshole, you pivot your weight onto my mouth as it enters you deeper than you imagined I could.

You feel the throb of my cock as I spurt for the first time, god, it feels like a cup of cum filling your mouth, as you back yo the shaft to give room for more in your mouth, with the second fountain it begins to drip over your lips and down my shaft, followed by the third, Fourth, and FIFTH eruption. Streams are running out of your mouth now, wetting the sheets, not caring, you begin to swallow the sweet and musky elixir of passionfruit. “Don’t be greedy!” I break off my penetration, “You have to share!” Rolling off my head, you pivot to my mouth, holding the rest of this wine of my grapeclusters, feeling my slacker balls as you depart, and kiss me with your honeysuckled lips, I drink in and we share the moment in a beautiful glow of delight. Our kiss lasts a long while, as we dance our tongues together, and when you lift your satisfied head, you smile and say, “We’re not done by half you know,” I have an antique boudoir couch in the next room. You’re going to fuck me for a long time there and I’m going to milk every drop of your balls!” I grin with delight and reply, “Lets go…

~~ will continue with part two

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