The Royal Scotsman

We are traveling on the Royal Scotsman Express, the famous luxury railroad that travels from London to Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland. The first night we dine in luxury, I wear my tuxedo and silk shirt, you are resplendent in your burgundy empire dress and silk stockings, pearls around your neck. We flirt shamelessly through dinner, sometimes shocking more reserved diners…

You are sitting across from me in the first class dining car, and we just can’t keep our eyes off of each other, your come-hither eyes and the way you constantly keep your lips moist, running your tongue around and making them glisten.

Without warning, I feel you between my legs, under the table. Looking quickly up, its clear your hands are both free, You are sitting up straight as if nothing is amiss. So what’s exploring my hardening lump under my slacks was your silk-stockinged feet. You’ve slipped out of your sexy black pumps and you’re now giving me a glorious foot-job in the dining car of a luxury train!

I maintain an outward calm but know I can’t last forever. Your sly smile tells me you know exactly what you are doing; cupping your curved feet around my growing cock, which by now is straining to be let loose. I surreptitiously slip my hand down to unzip my fly carefully and slip it through the folds of my silk boxers.

Now you are stroking me with renewed enthusiasm! Your toes are gripped together as you use your curved insteps to cup my shaft and stroke me up and down. The rumble of the train and the tinkle of the glassware only add to the building excitement. I know from the maps we are approaching a tunnel soon and I’m not sure I can last that long.

As the locomotive pulls us around a corner and into the tunnel, the lights are dimmed, and you redouble your silky movements, urging me on with a whisper, “Cum for me, Sir!” In a Victorian affectation. I am putty in your sensual hands and feet, you squeeze my hands like a pump while I fountain up and over your silk-clad ankles.

I look on either side, and while we are noticed because of our public displays of affection, it seems no one suspects what has just happened. I take the napkin on my lap to clean off a bit and give your stockings a quick once over before you demurely return your feet to your high heels. I straighten my tie to portray a sense that I am once again in control, I ask you if you would like to order dessert.

“I’d much rather have dessert in my cabin,” you reply enthusiastically. So I call the waiter for the ticket, signing with our cabin number and a generous tip for his discretion.

After Dinner we make our way through the train cars, passing fellow train travelers; waiters bringing tea and refreshments to private compartments; the guard collecting tickets – if anyone thinks we are in a little to much of a hurry to get to our sleeping compartment, they turn a blind eye – this is, after all, the famous Royal Scotsman, notorious for providing the upper classes with an opportunity for private, spontaneous pleasures such as this. It may look a little more innocent if we weren’t all over each other, giggling as I led you to my compartment – but I was beyond caring about such things – I needed to fuck you, there and then.

My orgasm in the dining car had been sharp and urgent but strangely unsatisfying – I needed to be inside you, needed to feel you wrapped around me, gasping sensually as my cock pounded deep into your deliciously wet sex – I need to feel you come on me, urgently, intensely.

We finally reach our compartment, and you open the door, as I watch you step inside, your bosom tight in the bodice of your dress, the breeze from the open windows of the carriage blowing your long skirt, sweeping teasingly around your legs. I was erect again, already, anticipating the pleasures to come, and follow you inside the luxurious, wood-paneled compartment, closing the door firmly behind us, smiling at you.

You turn toward me immediately, and, pressing yourself against me, your lips sliding across mine, tasting, caressing, your body molding itself against my own. As you kiss me, your hand slips quickly down my body, over my silk shirt, passing over the crotch of my trousers, gasping a little in my mouth as your fingers found the shape of my erection, clutching it, stroking me through my trousers, your lips kissing me greedily. I groan softly, sliding my hand up your back, my fingers drifting through your hair, turning your head as we kiss, until you are positioned as I had been. Now pressed against the door of the compartment, my own body moves against yours, our lips clash sensually, passionately, my hand moves up your long dress, slipping all the way up your stockinged thighs…

We kiss passionately, a kiss born of lust and extreme desire, at long last tasting each other, your lips soft and wet, surrendering to mine, a small groan drifts from your throat as my tongue slid against yours, penetrating your open lips, invading your eager mouth. Your fingers are still rubbing at my crotch, grasping around my erection through my trousers as I press you against the door, stroking up and down, masturbating me through my clothes, wanton, greedy, desperate for my cock.

My own hands are equally as busy, one hand cups one of your full breasts, squeezing it through your bodice, my other hand urgently tugs up your long skirt, sliding up the inside of your stockinged thighs, gasping as I reached naked flesh. You groaned, trembling a little as I kiss you more greedily, your fingers fumbling urgently at my crotch, trying to unfasten my buttons, as my hand slips further up, up to your delicious cunt.

I groan with pleasure in your mouth as I kiss you, astonished to find you bereft of underwear, naked under your dress – either you’d removed your panties whilst touching yourself earlier, or you were in the habit of wearing nothing under your dress – whichever, you quiver with pleasure as my fingertips find the warm wetness of your cunt, dipping my index finger inside you, your labia parting wetly around my exploring fingertip, hot and wet, your body shudders against the door as I stroke you, your thighs part to invite me further, my lips still caressing yours greedily.

We were still pressed against the door of the compartment – on the other side of the door I could hear people coming and going along the corridor of the train, talking, laughing, heading to and from the busy restaurant carriage, but I no longer cared if we were heard – our bodies pushed and moved urgently against the door, feet, elbows, knees, banging against the thin wooden veneer as we wrestled with each others clothes, Your fingers succeeding in unbuttoning my trousers, tugging them down eagerly with my briefs until they fell around my ankles.

I groan again as your warm hand found my hard, straining erection, wrapp your fingers around it, rubbing me, stroking me, masturbating my hot, swollen cock as my own fingers slid inside you. I kiss you more urgently, spreading your warm wetness up from your hot sex, dragging it up to your throbbing clit, and you moan wantonly as my fingers skid wetly around your clitoris, rubbing, stroking in a delicious rhythm as I kiss you passionately. Your thighs are trembling now as I masturbate you, your legs spreading open, inviting me, surrendering to me. I can’t wait any longer – I had to have you, right there, pinned against the door. I needed to fuck you.

My thighs slip between yours, still kissing you as my body pressed against you, my hands tug your skirt up around your waist, my erection suddenly hot and hard against you, slides between you parted thighs. You rubbed against me greedily, and I gasped with pleasure, feeling the wetness of you cunt sliding now against my erect cock, still not inside you, your labia pouting deliciously, the wet lips skidding wetly along the length of my throbbing penis, your juices already dribbling along my cock.

I had to be inside you – I slid my hands under your stockinged thighs, lifting you up, you legs wrapping around my hips, the head of my cock sliding down the entrance to your sex, slipping suddenly between the lips of your dripping wet cunt.

I kiss you again, our lips skidding together, and as your tongue slips into my mouth, I feel your cunt begin to engulf my erection – I groan into your mouth, and thrust, long and deep, penetrating you – you moaned into my lips, pushing your wet cunt down around my hard cock, taking it deep inside you, a sudden gush of your juices splashing down my erection as I began to fuck you.

We were moving as one now, fucking each other hard against the door, our bodies pushing and moving in urgent rhythm, grinding, thrusting, gasping with pleasure, your cunt so hot and wet around my throbbing penis, wet sounds splashing from between your thighs as I took you greedily, urgently.

My lips slid down your neck, licking, sucking, biting at your soft neck as my hand returned to your breast, squeezing, stroking, rubbing at your hard nipple, my cock thrusting in and out, in and out, harder, deeper, taking you, fucking you – so urgent, so greedy, so intensely passionate.

I am desperately holding back my orgasm, wanting you to cum first – and from the trembling of your thighs as you fuck me, the wetness of your cunt flooding around my cock, I know you’re almost there. I ram hard and deep, wanting you to come, needing it, needing to feel you come all over my cock – you groan urgently, your body shudders against the door, your cunt engulfs my pounding erection – you gasp: “ohh god… don’t stop… please don’t stop…”

I thrust hard, again… again… again…

You gasp urgently: “that’s it… I’m cuming…”

The door rattles at your back, your body convulses intensely as your orgasm shakes through you, a stream of your wetness suddenly drenches my thrusting cock, you drip down my balls as you cum all over my manhood, grinding on me, your cunt squeezes my cock, so wet, so hot, contracting urgently as your orgasm pulses through your body, my cock filling you so deep, so hard…

I need to come, too – I am so close to my own orgasm, You are still trembling, clinging to me gorgeously. I gasp, my cock throbs intensely inside you, still moving, still fucking you – you groan in response, still squeezing around me, feeling the hard pulses of my cock, sensing my imminent orgasm: “please…”, you breathed, “don’t cum yet… I want you to cum in my mouth… let me go down on you…”

In that moment, I was yours, completely.

I gasp with pleasure, my body trembling, so close to orgasm, somehow holding it back – your thighs are still wrapped around me as I held you against the door of my sleeping compartment, my cock hot and hard deep inside you, throbbing intensely, and I can feel you still squeezing and pulsing around my erection, your wetness still streaming down my cock, ripples of pleasure still trembling through your body, enjoying the delicious aftershocks of your orgasm.

I kiss you again passionately, greedily, our lips sliding, caressing, my tongue in your mouth, still pushing against you, thrusting again and again into your cunt as my hands found the back of your bodice, frantically unbutton it, slide my hands over your breasts, caress them through your lace brassiere. Your plea for me to cum in your mouth was still ringing in my ears, the temptation so great, my cock throbs again inside you as I imagined it – I fully intended to do precisely that, but your first orgasm hadn’t been enough for me – I wanted to feel you cum like that again, to feel the intensity of your orgasm as I fuck you deliciously.

The door is still rattling behind you – I pull you away from it, slipping my throbbing erection out from your cunt – you began to kneel down, eager for the taste of me, but I pull you back up: “Turn around, Ashley, face the wall… lean against it…”

You do as instructed, your hands press against the wall as I move behind you, tugging your dress up around your waist, uncovering your delightful bottom, which you push out towards me in invitation. I slip a hand down between your thighs, my fingers skidding over your wet lips, slide up to your clit, rubbing, stroking…

You gasp in response, shuddering again, grinding back against my fingers, gasping again: “ohh god please… please fuck me…”

It was almost all I could take – holding back my orgasm again, I slip my hands around your hips, pulling your back onto me as the head of my cock found your open invitation, and I thrust, hard and deep inside you, you groan urgently as my cock fills you, starting to fuck you from behind, my cock slids deliciously in and out, in and out, harder, faster, tugging your open bodice off your shoulders, unclipping your brassiere and throwing that to the floor of the compartment too, leaning over you as I fuck you, my hands slide over your naked breasts, cupping them, squeezing your nipples in my fingertips, pushing and moving gorgeously together, the rhythm of the train urges us on…

I feel your cunt spasm around my thrusting cock, a gush of your wetness suddenly splashes over it, streaming down my length, over my balls, and you stifle a scream as you start to cum, groaning, shuddering, bucking wildly on my cock, your body ripples with delicious convulsions as your cunt squirts its wetness all over my throbbing erection. I couldn’t take any more either – I groan urgently, ramming my cock deep into your dripping cunt, crying out intensely, my cum surging up the length of my cock, spurting hard, deep inside your cunt, again, and again, and again…

I hear you cry out my name over the rattle of the tracks…

Your cunt still squeezes and pulses around my cock, milking the last of my seed from my erection, holding me deep inside you… the two of us gasping, trembling… the intensity of our orgasms wash over us, the rhythm of the tracks match the pulse of my cock inside you, as the Royal Scotsman Express continues its journey from London to Edinburgh…

Our journey has just begun.

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