The Theater

I wrote down one of my favorite sex fantasies for you:

I take you to a movie theater,
where it’s dangerous and thrilling and public.
We find the loudest, noisiest movie
and go to the darkest highest seats,

I know just the theater.
That big Multiplex
where they never check the little theaters

Best if you wear a skirt.
and Panties I can rip
Or none at all.
(But ripping can be part of the fun)

And High heels with sharp heel caps
To dig in when you need the leverage…

We can start slow,
I will make out with you, gently at first,
building your fire,

before I kiss you deeply, I want you to hunger for me.
Then I will bite your ears softly, and nip your neck as I explore your body,

fondling your magnificent breasts, and eventually finding your nipples, first through your tight sweater, then underneath as I slip your bra off

and suck you,
suck you,
suck you,
and bite ,
just a little,
to let you know how hungry I am for you.

Your passion begins to rise as I suck you,
and the noise on the screen begins to build.

Cupping your breasts, I suck you
until you almost come
just from the titillation of my tongue.

But as I sense you body rise to my stimulation,
I calm and soothe your ardor
with sweet, wet kisses,
as you try to eat me hungrily.

I drop down on my knees,
And I spread your legs
and pull down your stockings,
your panties rip and tear…

And I find your engorged lips,
full and waiting for me,
already wet…

I open your labia with my tongue,
side to side,
gently caressing at first,

Licking up one side and down the other,
peeling you back like the flower petals of a lily.

I wiggle and dangle
and play with my Tongue
and then I Plunge into your Pussy.

Again and Again.

Delving Deep with My Firm Tongue.

and every time I come up I find your clit

and gently flick it
before I take the next plunge!

Again and again

push and flick
push and flick
push and flick
push and flick

I taste your wetness drip

like a cup of triple-buttered popcorn

and I begin to back off,
just as I feel you rise to a climax…

But your legs clamp my head
as you brace your hands on the arms
And rock your head back in the chair.
Your high heels dig DEEP into My legs

So Sharp
So Good…

No one will hear your moans
over the chase scene on the screen:

As the stars spin above you…
Worlds collide in your head;
And galaxies spin out of control…
You moan loudly and bite your lip in ecstasy
as you come during the explosions.

but I’m not done with you.
I’ll take you doggie style with you bracing yourself against the seat,
We’ll do it all night, slipping from theater to theater like truants,
Until the last show ends,
With the last orgasmic collapse…

Meet me there…

I’m waiting!

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