My Girlfriend’s Job

It was past 3 a.m., but I knew she would be out late again. Since we had settled in Portland her late night ramblings had become a matter of expectation for me. My new hot girlfriend; “I guess you might have expected it,” some would have said, “he should have seen it coming,” others remarked; “leaving him home alone while she prowled the streets at night.”

If only they knew the truth. Because of my girlfriend they were all safer. Tonight was no different, though I didn’t know the details and rarely asked, my girlfriend was:

Ashley, the Vampire Slayer.

There was a shadow at the window behind me as the sash lifted and she slipped in. “Hello, gorgeous…” she said, in a silky dark voice, “got any criminal ideas on your mind?”

“Only of you,” I replied, “I should report you for impersonating my girlfriend.”

So far you were still at my back, with me seated at the computer, but I turned in my seat and saw you in all your glory: black leather body suit, high heel boots, weapons strapped to your thighs for easy access: places for three stakes on each leg. I saw that you had used all but one tonight: five kills and no retrievals; a tough one. You always laughed at the slim odds but I knew the edge you lived on. You needed relief tonight.

“Come here, you. It looks like you have been one busy girl tonight.”

“Nobody bosses me around in this house, I’m the LOVE QUEEN, or haven’t you forgotten that?”

“Oh, so you’ve been out half the night and now you’re gonna pull love rank?”

“You bet I am, buster, you take those pants off right now and March yourself right into the bedroom or I’m gonna stake you right here!”

“I thought I was the one with the stake?”

“Don’t mess with me tonight, I know what I want, I just dusted five vamps on the eastside and I’m cranky and horny as hell. Give the LOVE QUEEN what she wants, and now!”

You moved me to the bed and stripped me quickly. Then you took my rarely worn silk ties from my closet and tied my arms to the headboard. Taking off your boots, you slowly peeled off your leather bodysuit like a dance to torture me.

“Do you like what you see baby? Am I taking too long? Should I take longer?”

Crawling up on the bed you began to tease me with your luscious lips. First with a deep kiss, then you pulled away. Then you kissed my nipples and sucked them to make them hard until I groaned with delight. Then you kissed down my body and began to tease my cock, to stroke it with your lovely fingers. Your nails were painted dark the way they always are when you hunt, and your tongue seemed to be so long. You took my cock into your mouth and it went so deep. I gasped, wondering if I could endure the pleasure. I was afraid I was going to cum too soon and it would all be over.

You sensed that and backed off to tease my nipples again, and then lowered your pussy on my face and commanded me to eat you, which I greedily did.

I loved your sweet juices which were by now dripping down into my face, I felt you begin to convulse and wanted to use my hand to penetrate you, but I was still tied up, and I couldn’t ask for help, but I did push as deep as I could with my tongue into the glory of your pussy and felt you convulse again. Playing with your clit, suddenly I was drenched with your cum. You squirted all over my face, how delicious!

You moved over my cock now and mounted me to ride me to a climax, my sweet slayer, you were so wet and sweet, your cunt was a velvet glove that slipped in and out with ecstasy. I called your name, “Ashley…” as I began to cum, shuddering like a jet engine taking off inside you.

We collapsed together after a long night, my slayer gal and I.

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