Abby Wants a Taste.

Second in a series exploring taboos:

I have lost all control of my own household. My 18-year-old step daughter, Abby, seduced me last night while her mother was out of town. Though she promised at first it would be a one-time thing, last night she slipped into my bedroom as I was drifting off to sleep and reached around to rub my shaft until I was pushing up a tent pole in the bed! We then went on to fuck almost the whole night away.

This morning, I awoke to the sound of her in the master shower. “Oh, no,” I thought, “I’m not going to wander into THAT trap!” So I crept down the hall to use Abby’s bathroom and get breakfast on the table. I was expecting a call from her mother any moment now and I wanted to establish my authority in the house again.

As I poured freshly-ground coffee into the coffee maker and flipped on the switch, I felt Abby’s hands trace around my waist and pull me towards her body, which I realized was still wet from the shower and naked as the day she was born!

“Good morning, and how’s my sexy daddy today?” she said with the hunger of a newly-awakened libido.

I opened my mouth to put her in her place but the room was filled with the ringing of the phone. We still had a land line in the kitchen; our tie to the 20th century.

“Hold it there,” I said firmly, reaching for the phone, “No doubt that’s your mother.”

“Hello?” I answer.

“Hello, darling!” My wife calls cheerily, “How is everything? I hope Abby behaved on her birthday.”

“Let’s just say she didn’t stay out late and didn’t get into any trouble with John.”

“Well, at her age, I expect her to get into a little trouble, but I’m glad she got home safe. How are you doing, balancing everything.”

I almost swallowed my tongue as Abby reached around into my robe and started to trace her fingers through my chest hair.

She got on tip-toe and whispered into my other ear, “Tell mommy what a little slut I’ve been, daddy. Tell her I fucked my daddy for my birthday present!” she giggled.

“Everything’s fine!” I gasp out hurriedly.

“Are you all right, darling? Did I hear Abby close by?”

“I sure as hell hope not!’ I think desperately, resuming, “Yes, you just caught me with my hands full getting breakfast started.”

“I’ve got my hands full, too, daddy!” Abby whispered as she reached lower and cupped my balls, squeezing them softly.

“Put Abby on!” her mom asked. “I haven’t wished her happy birthday yet.”

I hand the receiver to Abby, whispering, “Its your mother. Now behave!”

“Yes daddy!’ she grins, and to the phone, “Mom, you won’t believe the wonderful birthday presents I got! And I think daddy’s gift was best of all! What did daddy give me? Oh, mom you’ll think I’m silly, but I was feeling down from missing Grandpa’s funeral and daddy made me feel all better with a hug and a special birthday kiss! Yes, mommy, daddy is such a dear! I’m so happy you found him for us!’

I was cringing as I listened to the obvious double entendrés, knowing that Abby would make this as painful as possible for me.

“Give me back the phone sweetheart,” I asked, “I have some other things to talk about with your mother.”

“Okay, mommy! I know you have so much work to do there, but don’t worry, daddy and I are talking real good care of each other, so If you need a few extra days, we understand!” She cheerily handed back the phone to me, with the look of a cat that swallowed the bird.

“She’s 18 now sweetheart,” I spoke into the phone, “so she’s more of a handful, but don’t you worry, everything will be under control when you get home. Love you.”

“Love you, darling!” my wife replied, “I’ll call again soon! Kisses!”

Abby threw her arms around me as I hung up the phone.

“Mommy takes such good care of you, daddy! I’ll make her proud and take extra good care of you while she’s away!”

“I bet you will.” I mumbled.

“Oh, daddy! Don’t be a grump! I bet I know what will put a smile on your face!” Without warning she grabbed my hand and dragged me down the hallway to my bedroom. Slipping my bathrobe off quickly before I could react, she pushed me hard onto the bed on my back.

“Now lay back and let your sweet girl take care of daddy’s every need!” she smirked. “I need to know how to please my daddy if I’m ever going to be able to please a husband!”

She reached down and grasped the shaft of my cock, already growing in the excitement despite my better judgment. “Now show me daddy. Show me how to give the best blow jobs that will make you cum!”

Her wide green eyes looked up at me and her hair, still slightly moist from the shower, draped down on my tightening thighs. Oh God it felt good. I hadn’t had a good blow job in years. My resolve melted away as I heard myself begin to give her instructions.

“Now suck just on the head of the cock at first, sweetie, and use one hand to firmly grasp daddy’s shaft and move slowly up and down from my balls to your lips. Keep it steady, sweetie. Oh, God, yes, baby! Mix up the speed of your strokes, too. Sometimes its good to do four quick strokes, followed by four fast ones, then repeat. Yes! Yes! That’s daddy’s girl! Stroke your daddy! You like that, don’t you baby? Do you like being naughty with your daddy?”

I could tell that as my coaching got a little dirty she responded with more enthusiasm. I wondered if I could take it up a notch.

“You like being a dirty girl don’t you baby? You like being daddy’s slut? Do you want daddy to cum in your mouth and taste the seed that filled you up? Or do you want your dirty daddy to cum on your tits or your bare ass? You’re such a filthy girl. Daddy knows you want more don’t you?”

“Now open your mouth for daddy and see how deep daddy’s cock can go… That’s right, open your mouth and swallow a little, take me in deep, yeah you like that don’t you?”

I couldn’t believe how deep she was taking me in. She was already halfway down my shaft.

Looking up eagerly, her ravenous eyes devoured me and I said, “I’m getting close baby girl, do you know where you want me to cum?”

She pulled off my throbbing cock for just a moment and said, “I want every droplet, daddy! Shoot every single drop of your hot cum into your little slut, daddy!”

As she took my thumping rod back into her velvet mouth, I couldn’t hold back anymore, and I exploded into her mouth. I could see small rivulets emerge from her lips. I must have cum four or five times into my girl. I could see she was swallowing, then she pulled off me and crawled up my body to kiss me.

A flow of cum met my mouth as she kissed me. Her passion and my seed mingled with our tongues. We kissed hungrily. I wanted nothing more than to devour this girl: she was no longer innocent and she was full of lust.

I held her tight for just a moment, but then turned the tide on her. Flipping her body over on the bed, I started licking Abby’s dripping wet pussy, opening her lips like a flower, my saliva finding her wetness and mingling as I went deeper.

Sucking on her more greedily, I could feel her wetness on my face, smearing my lips across her pussy, letting my tongue drag slowly upwards, gently teasing the hood of her clit back with my fingertips, opening my lips and taking her clit onto my mouth, swirling my tongue around, sucking on her greedily.

Abby gasped again, trembling a little as my tongue flicked slowly and sensuously around her clit, my fingers slipping down to your pussy, stroking her.

“Please, daddy,” she whispered, “don’t stop…”

I pushed two fingers deep into Abby’s pussy, She groaned deliciously at my sudden penetration, pushing herself onto my fingers, my tongue circling her clit a little faster, a little harder.

Abby shuddered now underneath me. I wanted to feel my little girl cum all over my face. My cock was hard, and with my free hand I had now grasped my erection, masturbating as I stroked her, my fingers moving in the same rhythm as my tongue.

Abby was so close to orgasm, her thighs wide open now, arching up to me, my fingers splashing harder and deeper into her dripping wet pussy – my tongue worked faster around her clit, flicking, sucking, licking her more urgently, my fingers thrusting deeper.

Abby groaned again, trembling harder, pushing up to my lips, my tongue, gasping more urgently as her orgasm approached. I sucked on her harder, faster, fucking her pussy hard with my fingers, hooking my fingertips inside her, rubbing her g-spot in the same rhythm as my tongue on her clit.

Abby couldn’t take any more: a flood of wetness splashed from her pussy, as she groaned urgently, frantically, her body arching up off the bed, her pussy spasming around my fingers as she started to cum, hard, frantic, pulsing and throbbing around my fingers

Abby’s juices began streaming from her pussy as my tongue circled over and around her clit, gasping, groaning, screaming out, “Daddy! Yes, daddy! Oh, daddy! Yes! Fuck me, daddy!”

Abby’s thighs were still trembling, her body convulsing deliciously as her orgasm pulsated through her body, my fingers still deep inside her. I was drenched with her juices, my tongue greedily lapping at her clit, licking and swirling and sucking as she shook gorgeously on the bed. My other hand was still around my erection, stroking myself urgently as she came, needing her, wanting her badly now, throwing all my caution to the wind now. I had so much lust for this woman who was also my sweet baby girl.

As Abby bucked and writhed on the bed, still convulsing from her orgasm, I couldn’t wait a moment longer – I needed to be inside her, I had to fuck her, and fuck her hard….




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  1. Robin Dev says:

    Daddy and daughter role play is one of my favorites… I loved the write up and very sensual, erotic and artistically written.


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