The Ultimate Taboo*

*Taboo relationships are not to everyone’s taste. Like all erotica, we each have our own peccadilloes. This is a work of fiction for entertainment only.


I had been married 12 years when my world was tipped upside-down. I never thought I would find myself so deeply enmeshed in such a dark taboo, and with my wife’s daughter!

The girl’s father was completely out of the picture, and Abby was only six when I came to live with them. We hit it off right away, and my heart warmed to her instantly when she asked if she could call me “daddy.” We spent many hours together reading before her bedtime, with her curled up on my lap. It was our ritual, and even when she got older, she would come home from school, plop herself on my lap, and tell me about her day.

We had a normal step-father/step-daughter relationship for years, and I never had any serious thoughts about her. Maybe that’s why she was able to catch me off guard in such a peculiar situation. Even though it’s been several years, the events are seared clearly in my mind.

When Abby had just turned 18, in fact, on her 18th birthday, her grandfather died in Newark, NJ. She had never been very close to her mom’s dad, and she was torn about whether to go with her mom to the service. Her friends had planned a big party for her that weekend, and she also had finals coming up. After many heart-wrenching discussions with her mom and myself, she decided to stay home with me while her mom went back east for about a week to settle the estate and go to the service.

After her birthday party, Abby came home in tears. I didn’t know at first what was wrong, but it hardly mattered. She threw herself in my arms, (As she had so many times in the past when she was sad or bothered.) I held her for a long time as she cried herself out.

“I let Grandpa down daddy!” she said sadly, “and I’ll never see him again. Hold me daddy. Hold me like you did when I was little.”

We sat on the sofa, and she crawled in my lap, curling up there. I rocked her gently. Her arms were around my neck and her face buried under my chin. Then, before I realized what was happening, she lifted her face to me and kissed me hungrily on the lips. I was carried away by her need. I wanted to give her whatever she wanted. How could I refuse? She had always been my sweet Abby, a girl who trusted me ever since I entered her life. Now she was a woman in mourning with a huge hole in her heart. She wanted that hole filled.

For just a moment, I broke our passionate kiss. “This isn’t right, sweetie,” I said, “I’m your step-father, I’m married to your mom.”

“Just give me this once, daddy,” she pleaded with need in her eyes, “I haven’t ever had a man completely and John was trying to push himself on me tonight. We’ve made out so often and done other things but I always held back. Deep down I have always wanted you to be my first. Please, daddy, fill me up tonight. I don’t want to hold back. I have this emptiness inside and my daddy will make it better.”

I kissed her gently, then more urgently. I kissed her down her neck. She moved my head to her bosom and I blew hot air through her blouse and bra onto her nipples. She threw back her head and unbuttoned her blouse with a breathless anticipation. I reached around, unclasping her brassiere and her lovely, perky breasts fell into my lips, and I suckled her like I was her baby instead of her daddy. She lay back and began to relax at the soothing sucking, until I began to inflame her mound with desire. Reaching down and pushing between her thighs, I felt the warmth of her blood rush to her pussy. She fell back onto the seat of the sofa as I mounted her and renewed my sucking. I pushed her legs apart with my abdomen and felt her press up into me, wanting more. I wanted to bring her quickly and perhaps avoid doing more I knew I would regret, and as I sucked and bit her nipples, she began to cum for the first of what would be several times that night.

“Oh, daddy! Yes! Oh daddy!” she cried out. Before I could move very far off of her, she had slipped off her pants and panties and opened her already dripping pussy.

I thought to myself, “I’m going to pay a high price for this,” but I couldn’t stop. I was in her power. Anything she wanted from me that night was hers.

I mounted my sweet girl like a ravenous bull, rutting her right there on the sofa where I had read her so many fairy tale books. But this was no romantic tale; this was unbridled lust as I deflowered my little darling. With every thrust, I heard her cry out, “Yes, Daddy, Yes! Fuck me daddy! Fuck your little girl! I’m so naughty I want you to fuck me harder, daddy! Don’t stop!’

Her pussy opened up to my swollen cock and I pounded her hard, feeling my first load about to explode inside her. I started to withdraw, to avoid spilling my seed inside, but she sensed my moving back.

“Don’t you DARE, daddy! Fill me up with your cum! I want to have you spurt every last drop of you seed in my virgin pussy! Give it to me hard and give it to me deep!’

I redoubled my efforts, and before I realized what was happening, I was engulfed in orgasmic waves, pushing deeper and deeper into her wet cunt. She wasn’t my little girl anymore. I had made Abby a full woman.

Almost as I completed my orgasm, I felt her ripple and swell around me. Before I could even shrink, she was going to cum again! Undulating waves of pleasure moved up and down my shaft as I felt her tip her pelvis up slightly and swallow me whole.

“Yes! Yes! Yes! Oh, daddy, yes!’ she cried out, grabbing my hips at first and then pulling my whole body down closer to her. I felt the flood pass and we were washed up together like the wreckage after a storm. Oh, but such a storm!

“Is it like that when you make love to mommy, daddy?” she looked imploringly up into my eyes.

“Well, it used to be, sweetie, but your mom and I have been married a while now. It’s so easy for other things to get in the way.” I replied.

“Like me?” her eyes got bigger.

“No, princess. You never got in the way. You brought so many wonderful things into this family. You are one of the biggest reasons I’m glad I married your mom. You make our family complete.”

“Can we do this again, daddy?”

“I don’t think that would be a good idea, honey. You are meant to grow up and find a relationship of your own, not stay here forever. You’ll be graduating in a month. Soon you’ll be off to school and you’ll have a life of your own. Besides, I need to focus on being with your mom.”

“Well, daddy, at least I will always have this one time to remember and cherish. You were here when I needed you. I’ll always be grateful for you, daddy.”

The trouble was, this wasn’t a one-time thing like she promised. We were caught in each other’s orbits and her mother wasn’t due back for five days. She slipped into my bed that night, at first just saying she didn’t want to be alone, but you can imagine how long that platonic arrangement lasted. We ended up fucking in every room in the house like dogs marking our territory. We went to a movie in the afternoon, found an auditorium with a loud soundtrack and few viewers and fucked in the last row of the high-rise seats. We fucked in the grocery store restroom. We couldn’t keep our hands off each other.

I tried to tell her that when her mother returned we would have to stop, but she just laughed as if to say she knew better, and she did.

We just became more creative after that. I found ways to take my work home and meet her after school since her mother always worked late. I would slip out of the bed in the wee hours and fuck her in her childhood bed. When the time came to visit colleges, she managed to schedule weekends that her mother couldn’t attend and we would have a weekend fuck-fest.

After she went to college, she would call me several times a day or sext me on her phone. I set up a private email account and we shared erotic fantasies that we would then act out with each other on her next visit. Since she chose a college that was only an hour away and her mother made sure she had a car, she would surprise me constantly using the week. Her mother was so happy that she saw a new closeness between us, even though we had always gotten along. I didn’t know what I should think. The taboo was part of the turn-on, as well as the risk of discovery. We couldn’t count on our luck holding out forever with the close quarters of our lives. Part of me wanted to be caught, and that spurred me to take more risks I think.

Even now, four years after her mother and I divorced, (for other reasons, because my wife never found out) Abby and I still find time for trysts of passion. She is 33 now, with a husband and two daughters of her own. She has even hinted that the girls may be mine but I can’t be sure. But she continues to return to my bed, finding excuses to visit her “daddy.” She says that I am her first real love and she doesn’t see why she should give me up. How do I feel? You can’t imagine the times I have told myself to end this taboo affair. But I am putty in her hands. Maybe because I still see that helpless little girl without a daddy, I can’t refuse her a thing, not my passion or my devotion.

Yes, I am Abby’s daddy. But I am also her love slave!


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  1. Robin Dev says:

    Beautiful description


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