Alexa’s Adventure

Alexa took Bill’s arm as they left the restaurant. It had been a wonderful evening: good friends, great food, fine wine, and a delightful way to celebrate their eighth anniversary. Bill was still everything a woman could want; he was sweet, caring, and patient. He was a steady partner and a good provider. He was a good communicator and a passionate lover. He focused on Alexa’s needs and desires, he supported her goals and gave her the freedom to grow and follow her dreams. When they first met, Alexa wondered if Bill was too good to be true. She often thought, “He’s the man of my dreams.” She knew several of her friends were much less fortunate in their own marriages, and often heard them say, “Alexa, you’re so lucky!”

And yet…

There were so many nights when Alexa would lay next to her sleeping husband, stare at the ceiling, and ask herself, “Is this all there is?” Something was missing, though it was hard to put her finger on just what it was. Maybe things were just too consistent. Life with Bill was always the same, always predictable. It was good, but too often it was like going out to Applebee’s; the taste was never bad, but never outstanding. Alexa missed the excitement, the thrill she felt when she remembered falling in love. Perhaps there was another missing element as well. Alexa’s sex life had always been so vanilla. Yes, Bill was affectionate and she still enjoyed his attentions, but she never felt free to suggest they try anything adventurous.

Maybe it was Bill’s business trip that got her thinking about trying something new. She dropped him off at the airport that morning on her way to work. When she arrived at her office, her friend Susan remarked, “Well, girl, are you gonna play while the man is away?”

Alexa laughed her off, “You know it! I’ll paint the town red tonight!” She knew she’d never feel comfortable hitting the bar scene, but she kept wishing she was brave enough to find the thrills she craved.

On her break, she picked up her phone and went online. Sometimes she would peruse the personal ads on the local alternative paper or Craigslist for entertainment. She had never taken these ads seriously, but for the first time she saw these ads in a new light. She was amazed at the number of men looking for a hookup. There were over 2100 ads on “casual encounters” alone! Were any of them real? Scanning the list, one title jumped out and grabbed her attention:

“Tired of Your Vanilla Life? m4w”

She clicked the link, wondering what she’d find:

“I know what you’re looking for: You’ve had a vanilla life for years and you’re wondering where the excitement went. Deep down you know you’re really a naughty girl and you want to be used. You crave to be controlled. You want me to tie you up and treat you like my personal slut. You want all your holes drilled. You crave a master to show you the edges of ecstasy. You want to explore the pleasure that comes with pain. You want to feel like a whore, like my private fuck-toy. Tell me what you want me to do to you and I’ll see if you are worthy. Married sluts go to the head of the line. Include pictures or no answer.”

Alexa felt her pussy grow increasingly wet as she read the ad. Her breath was quickening and her heart was pounding. She glanced on either side of her to check if anyone noticed her arousal. Checking the clock, there was still five minutes left to her break. She went down the hall to the women’s room and checked under the stalls. Choosing the larger disabled stall, and carefully locking the door, she dropped her skirt, unbuttoned her blouse, and pulled out her phone. Leaning up against the maroon wall of the stall, she slipped off her bra and snapped a couple of shots of her ample breasts. When she glanced at the result she saw her nipples were firm and aroused. Alexa smiled, pleased with the result.

Dropping her panties, she noticed there was already a large moist spot on the crotch. If anything, this ad was providing a lot of mid-day office entertainment. She wondered if Susan or any of the starched shirts would suspect how loose she was behaving just a few walls away. Quickly snapping some pussy shots, she hastily put herself together, and after leaving the stall, checked her hair and makeup in the mirror to avoid looking too disheveled. Slipping back into her chair, she glanced around furtively, as if she had just gotten away with something.

As soon as she realized that no one was paying any attention to her (as if they would) Alexa slipped out her phone and hit “reply” to the ad, typing quickly:

“Vanilla wife seeks sexual master. Use me. Dominate me. Tell me what to wear. Call me your whore. Fuck my ass. (Did she really just type that? She’d never done anal in her life!) I want to be your sex toy. Only ask that you be discrete. Reply here and I’ll give you my private email.”

Attaching her two best pictures, Alexa sent off her message before she chickened out. Her pulse was racing. Her whole body trembled at the excitement. Almost immediately, though, she told herself that she was getting worked up over nothing. She probably wouldn’t even get a reply, and if she did, there was no guarantee this was a real person anyway. So many of the ads on Craigslist were phishing for personal information and fronts for scams. She settled back into the workday, thinking, “At least I had a little thrill to spice up my day.”

The rest of the day seemed to sail by, and soon Alexa found herself on her way home. She enjoyed her commute, since their home was close to the light rail and avoided the snarl of most traffic once she was out of the city center. Fall was her favorite time of year; she loved the turning colors and walking through the neighborhood, kicking the leaves on the sidewalk. Letting herself into their house, she checked the message machine, wondering at the same time why they even bothered to keep a phone at home when everything seemed to be handled by their cell phones now. Just a short message from Bill, saying he had arrived safe and sound. He was always so considerate, so reliable. Relia-Bill. She sighed heavily. She really was missing something.

Her phone gave out the familiar email chime. Taking off her coat, she reached for her purse and checked it. Oh my god! An answer from the Craigslist ad!

“Hello slut,

You know who you are. You want to be used. You want to be bent over and taken from behind. You want your hands tied and to feel me pull your hair back while I pound your wet cunt. You like being held down, pretending you don’t want it, pretending you’re being raped. Just the thought of being used and abused is making you wet right now, isn’t it?

You’re my whore now. I own you. You’ll be my personal fuck-toy as long as you obey and make me feel good. So call your master. Right now.

That’s right, don’t you dare wait. I’m waiting. Pick up your phone right now and call me: 555-932-4658. Do it, slut. Do it now.”

“This guy is really hard core,” Alexa thought, excitedly, aware of her arousal as she quickly wrote down the number before she began to dial her phone, breathlessly elated and a little scared. Was she really doing this? The phone began to ring, once, twice, three times. Maybe he wasn’t going to pick up. Maybe it wasn’t even a real number.

After the fourth ring she heard a deep voice, “You took your sweet time, slut. Are you serious about being my fuck-toy?”

“Y-yes,” she replied softly.

“That’s ‘Yes, Master!’” he snapped, “You will always call me Master!”

“Yes, Master,” She replied obediently, “I want to be your fuck-toy.”

“That’s better, slut,” he answered, “Are you able to meet tonight?”

“Yes, Master.”

“That’s my good fuck-toy. We’ll meet for drinks first. I want to look you over and cover the rules. I am not mean or violent, and we can hang out a little first so you know you are safe. Then if you agree to my terms, we will proceed to the next stage. I’m very particular about my slut’s wardrobe. I want you in a short black dress, pearls, black thigh-high stockings, and black heels, four inches minimum. I’ll leave it to you whether you wear a garter belt or not. Will any of that be a problem tonight?”

“No, Master.” Alexa replied, growing very horny and wet. She was already planning her lingerie. She had a matching set of sheer black lace; a push-up bra and thong accented with a tiny pink ribbon and seed pearls. Her pearl necklace was an anniversary present from Bill two years ago but that made it even more delicious.

“I’ll email you the address of the restaurant. Meet me in the bar section. I’ll send you a face pic. When you approach me, ask, “Is this seat taken, Master?” and wait until I give you permission to sit. If you do as you’re told tonight and behave like a good slut I may even let you cum.”

Alexa was getting goose bumps. What a thrill ride she was getting on, and she had no idea how it would end. There was already a detached part of her, observing herself from a distance as if she was an entirely different person.

The phone was silent. “Did you understand me, slut?” the voice asked impatiently.

“Y-yes, Master!” she broke out of her reverie. “What time shall I come, Master?”

“You’ll cum when I give you permission, slut, but you’ll arrive at the bar tonight by 8:00 pm. Can you do that?”

“Yes, Master, I won’t be late!” she answered quickly.

The phone line cut off without warning. Alexa checked the time. It was 6:30 pm already, and she wanted to look her best. It would take at least 20 minutes to get to the bar, so she had her work cut out for her.

She went upstairs to the master bath and stripped quickly, stepping into the shower. She trimmed the little patch of hair over her pussy and plucked the two grey hairs she found as she checked her hair in the mirror. She reached for her bottle of Taboo cologne; she hadn’t used that scent in years, but its musky mélange felt apropos for the night.

Reaching into her lingerie drawer, she found her lacy ensemble and slipped into the thong, and pushed together her breasts as she did up the clasp on the front of the brassiere. She found her black silk thigh-high stockings, relishing the feel as they shimmered up her taut and shapely legs. She was proud of the way she had kept her body, when so many of her friends had let themselves go after they landed a husband.

Crossing to the walk-in closet, she reached for her little black dress with the plunging neckline. It fit her bra just right. Reaching around and zipping herself into the slender sheath, she thought of all the times Bill had zipped up her dresses and dismissed it quickly. This was her time; there was no going back now.

She bent down and picked out her sexiest heels; black patent-leather five-inch stilettos with a small platform toe. She always thought of these as her “fuck-me pumps,” and now she was going to put them to the test. Stepping to the dresser, she slipped her hand into her jewelry box and retrieved her pearl necklace. Turning now to the full-length mirror, she was pleased with the effect. She caught herself hoping her new master would be pleased, too. What a strange sensation that was, and yet so appealing.

Her short coat with the fur collar completed her ensemble, and she retrieved her black silk clutch, dropping in her wallet and a few essentials: lipstick, eye shadow, mascara; the full repair kit.

The drive to the restaurant was like a dream. A soft drizzle hit the windshield halfway there. She was thankful for the valet parking, and gladly paid for the convenience. It was an upscale place and she was grateful it wasn’t one of the local dive bars.

He was seated at the end of the bar, easily recognizable from the picture in the email. Late 40’s, maybe older, it was hard to say. He had dark brown hair with only a little sprinkling of silver, and a neatly trimmed beard; very classily dressed in a Harris Tweed sport coat and slacks. Nice shoes: you could always tell a man by his choice of shoes.

“Is this seat taken, Master?” she asked with as much confidence as she could muster, wondering if he could see her flushing already with excitement.

He turned from his scotch and looked her up and down, approvingly. “Very nice beginning, my dear. Now turn around and let me see the whole package.”

She slowly twirled as demurely as she could, aware of the eyes that were turning toward her from all quarters of the bar.

“All right, then, you may sit.” He said, indicating the seat next to him, “I’ll order you a drink.”

“I’d like a scotch, please, Master.” Alexa said.

“You’ll drink what I order you. A girl like you doesn’t drink scotch. Not with me. You’ll drink a gin and tonic until I say otherwise.”

“Yes, Master. Thank you Master.”

“That’s better.” He said, and turning to the bartender, he said, “Gin and tonic for the lady. And another 30-year Macallan for me.”

“Coming right up,” the bartender replied, with an obvious envious look. In fact Alexa could tell that every man in the place was undressing her.

“Let me cut to the chase,” her Master said, “You’re on trial tonight. We’ll cover some basic rules here and if you agree, then I have a hotel room booked for the evening. You’ll be at my disposal until 6:30 in the morning. If I deem you worthy, you will have a chance to be my sex toy for my exclusive pleasure. I’ll tell you what to wear, what to do and when we’ll meet. I’ll let you have your private life and I won’t intrude there, but you have to give me at least one night a week and any other time we arrange during the day. You will agree to meet me anywhere.”

“Your one life-line is your safety word; you’ll have a word to use only if and when you reach a line that you just can’t cross, and I promise you, there won’t be a limit to the things we’ll explore in the name of pleasure and pain. I’m not a sadist and I won’t beat you. But I have found that a little pain makes the pleasure more intense.”

“Now as to what you will call me. I will allow you to address me as Master or Sir. I will not give you my name unless I decide to at a later time. My name is not important. I am your Master and that is all that matters.”

“Sometimes we might engage in role-play where you will call me Daddy or Doctor or whatever is appropriate but only if I give you permission. For your safety word, I want you to address me as “Father.” This is only for the purpose of stopping whatever we are doing to step out of our roles as Master and Slave. When you say, “Father, stop!” I will stop whatever I am doing and we will talk about your boundaries. I promise to keep you safe as long as you agree to follow my every order, is that clear?”

“Yes, Master.” Alexa replied, full of anticipation and with a head full of racing thoughts. What was she really getting into? Could she trust this man? He seemed so nice to outward appearances, like the favorite uncle she had as a child.

“Do you want to finish your drink before we leave for the next step?” he asked.

“No, Master,” she replied eagerly.

“Good answer, my dear, I’ll get your coat. We’ll take your car.”

Getting up from her seat, Alexa crossed the line. She was committed to a journey across uncharted seas. She could barely breathe and as her legs moved she felt her soaked panties. Would she last the night?

They were already downtown, so the trip to the hotel wasn’t far. Before she knew it, Alexa found herself pulling up to the Heathman Hotel on Broadway Avenue. The uniformed doorman took her keys and handed it to the valet, asking if they had any luggage.

“Just two weary heads,” the Master smiled.

“Of course, sir,” came the knowing reply.

Alexa stood in the sumptuous lobby full of businessmen, symphony patrons, and tourists, as the Master retrieved the key from the desk.

Rejoining her, he guided her to the elevator. When they entered the shiny interior, he pressed the button for the 10th floor. The room was close by, and well appointed, with a desk and upholstered chairs and a stunning view of the city. The king bed had an ice bucket of champagne waiting, with two crystal flutes. There were other things on the sideboard that were less traditional; heavy red silk cords, an assortment of vibrators and butt plugs, other leather accessories with less specific uses. Two leather whips and a wooden paddle.

“Oh my god,” Alexa thought, not sure if she should be excited or terrified. It was one thing to wish for a little spice in your life. It was quite another thing to be hit with the force of reality like a flood.

“Take your dress off,” the Master ordered, “but leave your pearls on.”

“Yes, Master,” she complied.

“Now kneel down and bend over on the bed. You’ve been a very naughty little slut for answering my ad and you need to be spanked.”

“Yes, Master.” Alexa had once tried to get Bill to spank her, but he resisted, and when he finally did, he barely tapped her. She had a feeling this spanking was going o be quite different.

She knelt down and lay over the rich bedspread, excited and apprehensive. The smack came without warning, the wooden paddle on her right buttock.





“Are you sorry you answered my ad, slut?” He asked harshly.

“No, Master!” she said, biting her lip.


“You’re all dressed up in your fancy clothes but you’re nothing but a dirty whore, aren’t you?”


“Yes, Master!”

“Do you want some more?”

“Yes, Master!”



“Does that feel good, slut?”

“Yes, Master!”

“Well maybe you don’t deserve any more for now!” he said, “What do you think of that?”

“You know best, Master!”

“That’s right you filthy whore! I know best!” He reached down and spread her butt cheeks, exposing her anus. “Well, look here, it seems princess hasn’t had her ass popped yet. Is that right, slut? Have you had a cock up your ass?”

“No, Master!”

He turned to the sideboard and she stole a glance to see what new selection he might make. He returned with a medium sized glass butt plug in an amethyst color. It reminded her of her grandmother’s ring (how odd to think of that now.)

Covering it lightly with lube, he held it up to her face. “I think this is just the thing to stretch you out, slut. From now on it’s going to be your best friend.”

“Yes, Master,” she wanted to sound strong and eager. She hoped it wouldn’t hurt.

It was cool, she hadn’t expected that, and shaped like an acorn, swelling until it shrank back to a smaller shaft on the bottom, with a wide base. He pushed it slowly in, pushing in and out and going deeper with each small thrust until finally it popped in.

“Wow!” Alexa thought, “That’s hot!” as she felt her blood rush to her cervix and the lips of her pussy engorge. Then an amazing sensation rippled through her: he started to spin the plug inside her ass!

“Do you like that, fuck-toy?”

“Oh, YES, Master!!!”

He increased the speed of the rotation, and without warning, used his other hand to spank her butt cheek.




“That’s for enjoying it too much, slut!” he admonished.

“Yes, Master,” she replied, obviously feigning remorse. “This is what I’ve been craving!” Alexa thought, “Oh my fucking god, he’s good!”

He stepped away for a moment, saying, “I don’t think I’m utilizing all your holes properly!” He returned with a large pink rabbit vibrator, with a large shaft and a branch for clitoral stimulation. Alexa knew she was in for a wild ride, and the night was still young! “Are you ready, fuck-toy?” he asked, while lubricating the large vibrator.

“Yes, Master!” Again, Alexa tried to sound a little less enthusiastic than she felt, lest he take away the vibrator too soon.

He switched it on low and began to play with the folds of her pussy, all the while continuing to rotate the glass butt plug. Up and down he went, opening her slowly, almost tortuously.

“Bill has never gone so slow,” she thought, “this guy really knows how to play!”

“Enjoying this too much?” he asked, as if he could read her mind, “I’m not doing this so you can feel good, you know, I’m using you for my entertainment. You’re my whore to fuck or not as I please!”

“Yes, Master!”

He turned the vibrator up to the next setting, more intense and in rhythmic bursts of four. He had yet to properly enter her pussy, he was such a tease! Then suddenly he thrust in halfway, almost forcibly, touching her clit for the first time with the other end. The vibrator intensified its throbbing and for the first time Alexa felt her head spin with the thrill of a double penetration; both her ass and her pussy were being filled with ecstasy.

“You’re my little whore, aren’t you? You thought you were a sweet suburban wife with a picket fence and a JC Penney catalog husband. But you’re nothing but a filthy slut aren’t you? You love this! You’ll open your legs for any man that asks you, won’t you? If I go down to the lobby and bring up five more strangers to fuck you, you’ll just love to be their cum-bucket won’t you, whore?”

“Oh, yes, Master! Fuck me! Use me any way you wish Master! I’m your filthy whore! I’m your naughty slut! I’m your cum-bucket! Fuck me all you want, I don’t care!”

“OH MY GOD!” Alexa thought, amazed at the stream of abuse she was heaping on herself. It was SUCH a turn-on, in fact, she was going to cum soon if she didn’t watch it, and Master warned her about cumming without permission.

“That’s right whore! You’re all mine now! You’re lucky I don’t like to share or your cunt would be stretched from here to Beaverton before the night was out with the men I’ve have parading through here to fuck you. If I wanted to, you’d be my fucking prostitute and I’d pimp you out for money! But you’re all mine!” He began thrusting the vibe more urgently and dialed it up again to a fast throbbing setting. Alexa would have to say something soon or lose it.

“Master, you said I shouldn’t cum without your permission!”

“That’s right, slut!”

“But I’m getting close, Master! You’re too good, Master! I can’t resist your wonderful fucking. My husband never fucked my ass before and this is all so amazing! You’re the best Master a slut could ever wish for!”

“Well your husband is a damn fool!”

“Yes, Master!”

With a click, the vibrator cycled down, and before she knew it, the glass butt plug was rotating out of her ass, delightfully stretching her hole again.

She heard the sound of the lube again, and knew what was coming.

“Bend over, slut, it’s time you got what’s coming to you!” he commanded.

“Yes, Master.” Alexa said, a little fearful at the change in his tone.



His sharp spanking made his next move all the more pleasurable. He took his finger, circled her asshole, and pushed it into her ass.

“I can’t believe you’re fingering my asshole,” Alexa said, “It seems so wrong, so naughty, but don’t stop, Master!”

“That’s right, slut, you like that don’t you?”

“My husband never takes control like you do, Master, he never plays with my ass, oh, god, Master, you feel so fucking amazing!”

“Turn around, slut, I have something for you to do,” he said.

Alexa turned around, still on her knees. He had dropped his trousers, stepping out of them. Slipping out of silk boxers, he revealed an already erect cock, a full eight inches long and very thick. “Oh my god, Master! What a wonderful cock! It’s so much bigger than my husband’s; he’s only five inches long! I don’t know if you will fit!”

“Oh, I’ll fit, slut,” he grinned devilishly, “Now you know what to do.”

“Yes, Master!” Alexa licked up his shaft greedily, relishing his swollen head with the tip of her tongue, “You’re so good to me, Master, thank you!” And with that she swallowed his head and sucked it like a swollen engorged nipple, ravenously drinking his head and stroking his shaft with one hand, while she cupped his balls with the other.

“Look at me, slut,” he said, “ look up at me while you swallow me whole,” and with that he grabbed the back of her head and pushed into her like an open cunt. Alexa kept her mouth as slack as she could to keep her gag reflex down. She wasn’t very practiced at blowjobs. She never understood why Bill showed little interest in it, compared to the complaining she heard from her girlfriends.

She was amazed, looking up at his face, maybe she had been distracted or maybe it just put her in a better angle, but soon she realized she was almost at the base of his shaft. His arms grabbed her hair and worked her in and out, fucking her mouth like a cock toy. At the back of her mouth she tasted his pre-cum, salty and musky and oh so arousing! He pulled her out for a moment and held her face tenderly, her saliva dripping down on his shaft and across the top of her breasts.

“Oh, yeah,” he said, “look at me, whore, look at me, slut, look at me.”

“Oh, yes, Master!” she replied enthusiastically and engulfed his cock again keenly, eyes on her newfound object of desire. She kept her eyes riveted on his while she swallowed and swallowed, loving the feel of his hands in her hair, so rough and demanding, so passionate and ardent. She felt his thighs begin to tighten and braced for his ejaculation, but he suddenly withdrew and reached down, roughly grabbing her by the arms and lifting her on the bed, flipping her over with a strength she hadn’t suspected.

“That’s right, Master, you own my ass now. I can take it, Master, my husband never fucks me in the ass and your cock is huge. Take me Master!”

“That’s right, slut, you’ll take my huge cock all right. You’re such a whore, you won’t be able to stay away from me after this!”

“Yes, Master! Fuck me! Fuck me in the ass!” Alexa felt like a wild woman. She was riding a wave and hoped she’d never have to come down.

“Do you want it, cunt?” he asked.

“Yes, Master, I want it, I want your cock!”

Do you want it whore?”

“Yes, Master, I want it! I’m your whore! I’m begging you, Master! Give it to me! Make me your slut! Make me your fuck-toy!” She turned her head, hoping to glimpse her Master as he entered her.

She felt his swollen head push her asshole open as he spread her cheeks. “How’s it feel to be somewhere my husband’s never been, Master?” She asked, eager to please. “You’re so deep,” she cried out as he entered her even more, “Your cock’s so fucking big, Master! Oh god! Oh fuck! You’re pumping your cock in my ass, Master and I’m such a filthy whore! That’s right, Master! Stretch it out! I’ll need your big cock in my ass from now on! I promise you, my ass is all yours, Master!”

“That’s a good slut! You know your place! Now you won’t let your husband go anywhere near your ass, will you, whore? Your asshole is mine to stretch and fuck whenever I want!” She could hear him grin with relish.

Now he had changed his angle, he was thrusting down towards her pussy, aiming for her g-spot. “Oh my fucking god!” Alexa thought, “its never felt like that before!” She felt the pressure build there. Alexa had only squirted a few times before, as she found it hard to relax enough to let go of control and let it happen.

He pulled out for a moment, took hold of her hips, and flipped her on the mattress, holding her stocking-clad legs in the air. Alexa realized she was still wearing her stiletto heels and he grabbed them together with one hand, holding her legs together.

Now his other hand was guiding his cock back to her asshole. He rolled her pelvis up to take him deep, and he pushed up again toward her g-spot. She felt the familiar pressure build again, and looked down at him, expectant, wondering if she should say anything.

“Do you squirt whore?” He asked, “Do you feel it coming?”

“Yes, Master, you’re pushing up on my g-spot, I feel it now. Do I ask permission to squirt, Master?” she sounded hopeful, because, god it felt so damn good.

“Yes, you ask permission. You ask me permission to do anything I haven’t ordered you to do. Do you want to squirt?”

“Yes Master, let me squirt for you, please?” she pleaded, almost sounding like a schoolgirl.

“That’s right, slut. You squirt for me, not for yourself! You squirt for me!”

“Yes, Master! I squirt for you, dear Master! Let me squirt for you! I promise I’ll do well! I’ll make you happy, Master! Let me squirt, I beg you, Master!”

“All right you filthy fuck-toy, you may squirt, but only if I’m still fucking your ass when you do!” he grinned. He redoubled his pressure on her g-spot. She thought she was going to pass out, the pleasure was so intense. In and out he thrust, pushing harder and harder on that cluster of nerves, an incessant hammering of his engorged cock as she felt more of her blood leave her head and rush to her mound.

It came over her like a tsunami of crashing waves, beating up against her vaginal wall. Suddenly she released a flood, raging in spurts and squirts out of her already dripping cunt, drenching his chest.

He continued to fuck her ass, spreading her shapely limbs and grasping her fuck-me pumps, a living pump himself. Not to be bested, he withdrew his cock and, propelling his seed with a deft stroking pattern, he doused her with fountains of cum: once, twice, three, four, five times; a mighty spray across her belly, reaching both her breasts and even a dollop on her chin.

Alexa reached down, scooping up the cum, and licked it, relishing the taste. It was pungent, rich and creamy. She beamed. “Thank you, Master! Thank you for sharing your cum with me! You’re such a good Master! I hope I haven’t worn you out!”

“You’ve been such a good little cum-slut I’ll let you rest a bit and refresh yourself. Do you want a quick shower? Some champagne to wash that down?” He looked down benevolently.

“Oh, yes, Master that would be so delightful! May I? Are you coming in the shower with me, Master? That would be ever so much better! Let me soap you tired cock and get it all clean and smooth again!” Alexa was in another world, and hoped she wouldn’t have to leave this blissful dreamland anytime soon. She could hardly believe she’d discovered this garden of delights on Craigslist.

He popped the cork on the champagne and poured it into the flutes. Handing one to her, he raised his glass and said, “To my new fuck-toy. Here’s to unending delights and using your body for unimaginable passion.”

YES, Master!” Alexa responded eagerly, and drained her glass, relishing the fine taste. “May I take my shower now, Master?” she looked with expectation, wondering what new adventure awaited her there.

“Yes, you dirty cum-slut, look at you, covered in filth! Get in there now and wash up! And when you come out, I’ll have a new outfit I want you to wear.” He grinned.

Alexa stepped into the bathroom, slipping out of her heels, peeling her stockings off, noticing with all the rough play they had seen better days. She couldn’t remember when her thong disappeared, but was surprised her bra was still on, if pushed around a bit.

The shower was fancy, a showerhead on both sides, one of which was on a detachable hose to go into wonderful places. She turned on both and got the room all steamy, seeping out from behind the door. Tentatively placing one hand inside, Alexa decided it’s perfect, slid the door the rest of the way open and stepped inside. The hot water hit her skin and she instantly relaxed. She stood for a moment and let the water hit her face. Running down over her shoulders, it swirled over her skin, gently pooling around her feet. Turning slowly, she let the heat permeate her body. Her once carefully groomed hair became quickly saturated, so her hands smoothed it down over her scalp. Alexa closed her eyes, tilted her head back, and relaxed in the moment.

As the water pulsed over her skin, strange fingers shocked her out of her reverie: the soft slow caress of his strong, knowledgeable hands.

“Does he know the power he already has over me?” She wondered, “One touch from him and I melt. I can’t help but let his hands move wherever he wants to be.”

His fingers glide easily over her body. Her master’s hands moving over her, his body next to hers, the body she wanted so much. His fingers find the hard nipples piercing the spray of water. He gently brushed over them, both hands moving together. His fingers closed around her swelling nipples. Swaying a bit together like a pair of dancers, he massaged them, heightening her already growing arousal. Pinching her nipples, he bent to suckle them, cupping her lovely breasts together to heighten the effect. She felt the familiar pulse of his cock against her leg in the downpour. Sucking her harder again and again, her desire grew with each motion. Her body heat was rising yet she wanted the water hotter.

Stopping for a minute, she reached down and turns up the warmth, hotter water rushed out and over them, the shower filling again with steam. He returned his mouth to her breasts, teasing her nipples softly, then biting her fiercely. She clasped his head to her bosom and reveled in the devotion, putting out a hand for balance, feeling lightheaded from the oncoming orgasm.

His soft lips, his wonderful body, his hot skin, his magical touch; she thinks about the short time they’ve shared, yet so intense. Visions swirl through her head. She can’t stop now; she needs the sweet release she can only experience under his control.

“Master, I can’t hold back! Please, Master, I’m going to cum! Let me cum, Master, please!” she appeals.

“You’re such a dirty slut! You’ve learned your lesson, haven’t you? Alright, my filthy whore, you can cum!”

No sooner do the first words leave his lips than she falls into him, pressing her breasts harder into his mouth as the earth moves beneath her feet. She is washed away in the deluge, flotsam and jetsam moved by the flood without a will. She feels utterly devoured.

Her head still spinning, she feels his hands begin to soap up her body, lubricating their dance together. Their skin slips and slides in conjunction, two bodies drawn by a gravitational well they cannot hope to escape. She has tumbled over the event horizon and is hopelessly ensnared by this mysterious, powerful, man. She knew absolutely nothing about him and didn’t care. All that matters is that the thrill was back. She knew her place and her Master would take care of the rest.

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