Alexa Goes to School

Continuing Alexa’s Adventures, Part 2

After Alexa dried herself off from the shower, she looked out into the bedroom to see that her next outfit was laid out on the bed for her. It was a very short red tartan pleated skirt, not even long enough to cover her ass, a short white blouse with a Peter Pan collar, a small red sweater, a large black silk neck ribbon, white knee high stockings, and red platform high heels. There was also a plain white cotton thong and a bra that looked as if the cup size was much too small for her 34C bosom.

“You’re going to school tonight, slut.” Her Master said. He was still naked, but he had slipped on an open black academic robe and wore a black mortarboard “For the next lesson, you’re going to address me as Headmaster.”

“Yes, Maste…   I mean, yes, Headmaster!” She corrected herself.


The wooden paddle came down hard on her ass.

“That’s for not following directions, you stupid whore.”

“Yes, Headmaster! I won’t make the same mistake again!” she quickly replied.

“Now get into your school uniform. You have 5 minutes. Inspection will begin then whether you are dressed or not. Demerits will be swiftly punished.” He said.

“Yes, Headmaster!” came the quick response, as she stepped into the thong and buttoned up the skirt. Reaching for the 34A bra, she struggled to stuff herself into the stiff cotton cups. She felt like she was dressing for a porn shot, and realized that was the whole idea. She looked as if she was trying to stuff ripe cantaloupes into teacups.

She buttoned up the blouse and tied the black silk tie in a large bow, slipping the red V-neck sweater over her head. The cotton socks were smooth, almost sheer, and showed off her well-shaped calves. Stepping into the red high heels, she felt a bit ridiculous, wondering for a second what Bill’s reaction would be if she ever dressed that way for him.

Turning toward the Master, she saw he was holding a stopwatch. Almost as soon as she caught his eye, he clicked the button, “Time’s up! Inspection time for naughty schoolgirls!”

“Yes, Headmaster!” she responded crisply.

“Turn around, slowly, slut,” he ordered, “let me see how well you followed instructions.”

“Yes, Headmaster!” She felt self-conscious in the revealing mini-skirt. Her pubic hair was barely covered by the cotton thong and was clearly visible through the material. The tiny bra pushed her breasts up and forward in an almost comic effect. She was the consummate schoolgirl slut.

“Lessons will begin! You will stand and recite the answers to my questions!” he barked.

“Yes, Headmaster!” (What on earth was he going to ask?)

“What is 4,345 by 678?”

She was silent for a moment, trying to do the equation in her head.

“Answer you ignorant slut!”

“Yes, Headmaster! I don’t know Headmaster!”

“Five demerits! Bend over the bed then, and take your punishment!” He ordered.

“Yes, Headmaster!” She spread her legs, bent over the bed, reaching out with her arms for support and prepared for the worst.

He reached up her skirt and tore her cotton thong off, the ripping fabric burning her crotch just a bit. With one hand he flipped up what little hem of the skirt there was and said, “Remember, slut, you’re mine. Discipline is your friend.”






“Yes, Headmaster! Thank you, Headmaster!” She replied.

“Now, you stay there while I quiz you some more. I don’t expect you to know the answers. School is for punishment for dirty sluts like you.”

“Yes, Headmaster!”

“What’s the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?”

“I don’t know Headmaster!”

“Ten demerits, slut!”






“Yes, Headmaster! Thank you, Headmaster!”

“Time for your next lesson. Physical Education. Take your sweater off, my dirty little school girl.” He ordered.

“Yes, Headmaster!” She pulled the sweater over her head.

“Now your blouse, and your shoes, off!”

“Yes, Headmaster!” She quickly unbuttoned her blouse, her tits almost falling out of her too-tight bra. Stepping out of her red heels, Alexa was chilly in just her stockings ad bra.

“Now to the showers!” he ordered.

“Headmaster?” she asked, uncertain. After all, she had just been to the shower.

“You’re a dirty, filthy whore and you need to wash all that filth off!” he said, sharply.

“Yes, Headmaster!” She turned back into the bathroom, the air still moist from her last shower. Thank god hotels didn’t run out of hot water. Reaching for the hot water knob, she was suddenly struck on the wrist by a leather riding-crop.

“Oh, no, slut. No hot water for you! It’s cold showers for PE! You filthy whores need to have your sex drives hosed down!” He tapped her bare ass with the crop and said, “Now get in there and wash your dirty slutty body!”

SMACK! The riding crop cracked across her thighs.

Alexa stepped into the shower, the icy water spattering on her skin, soaking her tight cotton bra quickly. By now her nipples were poking up over the top of the small cups and they stood at attention in the cold.

“Turn around!” the Headmaster barked.

“Yes, Headmaster!” Facing her teacher, he produced two old fashioned wooden clothespins. Reaching for her, he clipped one on each nipple and then spread her legs, placing one on each of the outer lips of her pussy.

Even in the bracing cold, Alexa was strangely aroused. The cold, the pinching pain: she wanted more; she didn’t want this to stop. She loved being out of control. In a flash, she realized what she was missing in Bill: he was too accommodating, so caring that he never really took charge. Here she was, completely humiliated, and she wanted more. She almost surprised herself when she blurted out, “More Headmaster! I’m a very bad girl! I’m a dirty slut, filthy whore! Punish me, Headmaster!”

“You learn quickly!” he smiled devilishly, “Step out of the shower, now! No, don’t reach for the towel! You’ll stand there, cold and dripping wet. Now, bend over the toilet, and place your hands on the seat cover!”

“Yes, Headmaster!”

He took the riding crop and caned both her thighs sharply…




Then with his other hand, he produced a white goose feather and softly brushed the welts he had just inflicted, back and forth, gently, four or five times.

Alexa felt her skin crawl with pleasure, was aware of her pussy growing wetter even as she still dripped from the cold shower.

The riding crop returned without warning, this time on her ass:




Followed again by the feather, soft and beguiling. Alexa felt her toes curl.

“You like that, don’t you slut?” he inquired.

“Yes, Headmaster, I love everything you do! You’re such a good Headmaster! Please don’t stop!”

“Thank you. Slut, I wont!” he replied, sounding very satisfied, and he returned to her ass:




“Now stand up and turn around!” came the command.

“Yes, Headmaster!” Alexa was aware of her nipples, large and engorged with the pressure of the clothespins, as she turned around.

“Stick your tits out for inspection, slut!” He ordered.

“Yes, Headmaster!”

He removed the clothespins on her nipples, and followed with a series of sharp smacks from the riding crop, alternating on each breast,




He then leaned forward and began to suck on her right nipple, moving to the left after a minute, and then back and forth until she was going mad with delight, and tried valiantly not to show it.

Finishing for the moment, he looked sharply into her eyes and said, “What’s the most important lesson you can learn at school?”

“I don’t know Headmaster! I’m just a stupid slut who’s here to be your fuck-toy. I’m you whore and I don’t know a thing, Headmaster!”

“You learn fast, slut! That’s right, you’re here for my pleasure! So if you’re my fuck-toy, what do you think your next lesson is?” He asked, with an eyebrow cocked.

“To fuck you hard and long, Headmaster?’

“That’s right, slut, now get on the bed and take that ridiculous bra off!”

“Yes, Headmaster!” She went quickly to the bed, turned and asked, “How do you want me, Headmaster?”

“This will be your riding lesson, slut. I’m going to lie back and let you ride me like a cowgirl.” He lay on his back on the center of the bed and commanded, “Now mount up, cowgirl!”

“Yes, Headmaster! Gladly, Headmaster! This dirty slut is going to ride you hard and fast!”

“That’s right, slut, you like fucking your Headmaster, don’t you?”

“Yes, Headmaster, you’re so much hotter and bigger than any man I ever had! Let me jump right up here…” and with that, she straddled him, lowering her wet cunt onto his firm member. “Oh, Headmaster! You’re ever so big for my small little pussy! Fuck me Headmaster! Fuck your dirty slut! Fuck your whore!”

He was pushing up with his pelvis and driving deep into her, banging on her cervix as she rode him down, so strong and in charge.

“You’re nothing but a dirty slut, aren’t you? You dress so prim and proper during the day but all you do is crave other men’s cocks, don’t you whore?”

“No, no, Headmaster! I only crave your cock now! I’m your personal fuck-toy and you can use me whenever you want me! Fuck me harder, Headmaster! I want your firm, huge cock up inside my dirty filthy cunt! Fuck me, Headmaster! I’m your foul, soiled slut. I’m not worthy, so fuck me and use me up, Headmaster! Use me like the naughty girl I am! Use me like your personal whore!”

He reached up and cupped her tits, catching her nipples between his thumbs and fingers and squeezing hard. Pushing her tits together like a push-up bra, Alexa felt his grip tighten and he began to pinch them, that sweet delicious pain that felt so good!

Alexa threw back her head, tossing her drying hair back on her shoulders, “Yes! Yes! Yes, Headmaster! Oh, Headmaster, It hurts so good! Fuck me, Headmaster! Drill me harder! I want your seed, Headmaster, give me your hot spunk up my filthy cunt!” She cried.

“That’s right, cunt, you want it bad, don’t you? Maybe I should stop now to teach you a lesson! Maybe you don’t deserve this wonderful cock up in your filthy cunt…”

“Oh, no, Headmaster! You can’t! I’ve been such a bad girl, I need to be ridden hard and fucked until I’m dry! Fuck me, Headmaster, punish me with your huge cock and stretch me out! My baby girl cunt needs to be used and abused!” She pleaded.

“You filthy little bitch! I’ll show you what it means to be drilled!” and with that, he thrust up into her, as deep as ever, and she felt him quiver and throb inside her.

“Oh my god,” Alexa thought, “I don’t have a diaphragm in or anything! He’s going to cum right at the peak of my cycle!” and then in another moment, she just didn’t care anymore, this was part of the excitement, part of the risk, in fact, it made it more savory, the unseemliness of it all.

“Yes! Yes! Fuck me, Headmaster! Put this dirty cunt in her place! Make me your cum-bucket! Yes, I’m your bitch, your whore, your dirty girl! Fuck me! Fuck me deep! Give me that yummy cream-pie of yours, Headmaster! Dump your cum into my slippery cunt! Teach this naughty schoolgirl a lesson she won’t forget! Fuck me, Headmaster! Yes! Fuck me!” She was shouting so loud now, she was sure the room next door could hear her if not the passersby in the hall, but she didn’t care! “Fuck your dirty schoolgirl, Headmaster!” She reveled in the freedom of being in his control.

With five or six mighty thrusts, he was spent, and laid back on the sweat-soaked bed with a demon grin on his face, “You liked that didn’t you, slut? Now clean up your Headmaster. Clean up every drop!”

Alexa dismounted and bent over his still firm cock, soaked in her fluids with pools of semen at the base and around the head. She hungrily devoured her Master like a sausage link, licking his shaft and then moving to swallow him whole, reveling in the sticky salty musk of their intermingled sex.

“Would you like a taste, Headmaster?” she asked.

“Why, yes, I can’t let my slut be so greedy,” he replied, “Come here, you.”

She crawled into his arms and kissed him, her mouth still half-full of their mixed passion, letting it dribble down as he swallowed.

“This is heaven,” she exulted to herself, “It feels so hot to know my place!”

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