Alexa Savors her Secret

Continuing Alexa’s Adventures, Part 3   

It’s been three days since Alexa embarked on her sensual adventure, and she was exhilarated inside. She was counting the hours until she heard from her new Master; it seemed as if she was in a constant state of arousal. She nursed her secret assignation with relish; continually replaying the moments of lust and passion his control had brought to her. Every one of her senses was heightened now, every smell, every taste, every sight and sound was filtered through her agitated libido; she was on a perpetual high.

Her husband Bill returned from his business trip Tuesday evening, and he wanted sex when they went to bed, as he usually did when he had been away. Alexa did her best to act as if nothing had changed, and since Bill used his usual moves, she resigned herself to a tiresome evening. As she went through the motions with him time seemed to stand: Bill went through the standard foreplay, it became excruciating after a while. When he tried to mix it up a little with some oral sex, Alexa physically cringed. Could she let this continue? She wasn’t turned on in the slightest, and knew she’d have to fake her orgasm, like she had many times before, so he would finally stop and roll over for the night.

Alexa started to pivot her hips up, and breathe deeply, affecting her behavior to play the part. “Oh, yes, Bill!’ She cried out, “That’s the spot! Keep it up, honey! Yes!” Could he tell how fake this was? His renewed enthusiasm with his tongue on her clit told her that he was buying her act. Alexa felt her pussy begin to moisten despite her aversion to his touch, and began to worry as if she was betraying her Master. Odd, she observed, watching herself in a detached way, in such a short time she was caring more about her attachment to a total stranger instead of the man she’d been married to for eight years.

Alexa knew it was time to wrap things up. “Yes! Yes! Yes! Oh, fuck, yes!” She cried out, kicking out and bumping Bill with her pelvis.

“Wow, honey,” Bill said, “you must be really happy to have me home!” he smiled.

She realized she’d have to do something for him or he might try to give her seconds. “Let me give you something, baby,” she smiled, and turned down as if to give him a blowjob.

“Honey, you don’t have to do that,” Bill said gently, moving her head back up to kiss, “let’s just make love tonight.”

Alexa sighed inwardly, realizing she wasn’t enthusiastic about the blowjob anyway. She’d just lie back and remember her mother’s advice before she got married: “Sometimes you just have to let him do it, honey, and grit your teeth.” Her mom could never imagine why this was an ordeal for her, in fact mom would be shocked to the core if she knew what a slut her little princess had become!

She spread her legs, ready for the standard missionary position. When Bill entered her, Alexa turned her head so he wouldn’t see the distaste on her face. Bill was now the stranger and her new Master was the sweet lust she craved. Her whole world had turned inside out.

Bill was done quickly, as he usually was, and she got up from the bed to wash up in the bathroom, grateful for the cover of darkness. Her husband was already slipping into sleep when she returned to the bed, and mumbled “Good night dear,” as she kissed his shoulder, feeling a bit guilty for her deception, but only for a moment. As Bill’s breathing became deep and regular, she reached for her phone; it was only 10:30 pm. She started wondering about her Master, wanting to hear his voice, wanting to have his control.

When she was sure that Bill was fast asleep, she stepped out of the bed and slipped on her robe. Going downstairs and into the study, she gently closed the door to ensure her privacy. Taking her phone, she texted her Master’s number, “I can’t sleep Master. I keep thinking of you. I need your control Master.”

She was surprised how quickly he answered, “Good evening, slut. I knew you couldn’t stay away. Call me right now. Don’t make me wait.”

She dialed his number. She had put him in her phone contacts as “Christine” and found a picture of an attractive woman her age online to put in the picture on the contact card. She had already decided that she would refer to “Christine” as an old college friend if Bill should accidently see the name.

Listening as the phone rang, her Master picked up on the fourth ring, “Hello slut, tell me what you’re wearing right now.”

“I’m wearing my silk kimono, black with red poppies, Master, and I’m naked underneath.” Alexa was aware of her growing arousal as she heard his voice again. All the events if the weekend came rushing back to her; the excitement of his touch, the trill of his control, in the swirl of her memories, she felt more at home with her Master now.

“Are you alone right now, whore?” he asked.

“Yes, Master,” she said, “My husband is asleep upstairs. He doesn’t suspect a thing.”

“Did you let him touch you, slut?” he asked.

“Yes, I did, Master. I’m sorry, I felt so unworthy of you, but he came home from his business trip. He almost always expects sex after a trip.”

“I’m disappointed in you, slut!” he sounded angry now, “You should have called and asked permission first. You belong to me now. Your filthy cunt belongs to me, to use as I see fit. If you want to be my fuck-toy, to be in my control, you need to follow the rules.”

“Yes, Master. I’m so sorry Master. It won’t happen again without your permission.” She was now wondering how to manage her new arrangement. “I need to be punished, Master. You should do with me as you will.”

“You’re right, whore. I want your address right now. This can’t wait. I’m coming over and I’ll punish you tonight. Watch for my arrival in front of your house. When I drive up, come out to my car and get in the back. Oh, and there’s one more rule, slut. You’ll wear nothing but your robe. Is that understood?” He asked.

“Yes, Master,” she replied, giving him her address. Now that he knew where she lived, she was at his discretion and even more in his power.

“I’ll be there in 15 minutes,” he said, “Don’t make me wait, slut.”

“Yes, Master,” she said.

True to his word, he arrived on time. A large black town car, with a driver, pulled up to the house; Alexa was impressed yet a little intimidated. She clutched her robe as she stepped off her porch, thankful that the evening was merely cloudy and not too cold. Opening the back door, she entered the spacious back of the town car, where her Master was waiting. She noticed gratefully the privacy barrier was up.

“Get in, whore, you’ve been a very bad girl! I brought your friend, Mr. Paddle!” he said, hefting the large wooden paddle he had used on her their first night together, “Now drop that robe and bend over my lap, slut!” He ordered.

Alexa complied, her breasts hanging down over his leg; her already wet cunt was beginning to flood now with excitement. She never dreamed she could be so aroused in a situation like this.

“Now, slut, I want you to count off your punishment as I spank you,” he commanded.

“Yes, Master!” she replied.


“One,” she said.

“Louder!” he responded.

“Yes, Master! One!”






“Four!” Alexa felt the pleasure intensify as she shouted.


“Five!” (God, this was hot!)








“Nine!” Alexa was amazed how close her orgasm was.



“Have you learned your lesson, whore?” he asked.

“Yes, Master!” she answered.

“Whom do you belong to?” he inquired sharply.

“You, Master! Only you, Master!” she said, stirred with lust.

“You need to be put in your place, I think,” he said, reaching down and taking up a black silk braided cord, “Sit up and put your arms behind your back.”

“Yes, Master!” She sat on the seat and pivoted her back toward him. He tied the knots tightly. The cord may have been smooth, but there was no slipping out of the binding.

“Now step out of the car,” he ordered, “and bend over the trunk of the car.”

She would be outside now, exposed in her own neighborhood with her husband asleep upstairs, the bedroom window looking over the street. Alexa should have been terrified but she was strangely excited. Getting out of the car, she followed his instructions, feeling the cold trunk against her hard nipples, the wetness of her cunt moist on her leg and cooling in the night air.

“We’ll show your husband and your neighborhood that you belong to me, slut!” he said eagerly, “Spread your legs, whore!”

“Yes, Master!” she replied. Alexa felt his hands spread her ass cheeks and enter her dripping cunt without further foreplay. His sudden insertion was both a violation and a thrill. She was already highly aroused from the spanking, and she pleaded, “You’re too good, Master! I might cum soon! May I cum Master? Please, Sir?”

“Not yet, you filthy fuck-toy! You’re not here to feel good! You’re here for my pleasure!” He whipped out his cock and pushed hard into her ass crack without any preparation.

Alexa bit her lip, tasting herself and getting even more thrilled imagining she was being raped. She loved his total control of her, that she was put in her place and punished like the total slut she really was inside. She loved the feeling of being used. Almost without warning, Alexa began to cum, a deep squirting orgasm that drenched her and flowed down her legs, onto the town car’s bumper.

Her Master pushed harder up her ass, and she felt his cock begin the familiar throb of his orgasm, pulsing deep up her crack, deliciously painful. “That’s for cumming without my permission, you dirty whore!” He said, slapping her ass hard.


“Yes, Master!” She answered, obediently, “I’m so sorry Master!”

“Don’t let it happen again, whore!” he ordered.

“Yes, Master!”

He pulled out of her ass, dripping his semen on her legs. “Now clean me up, you dirty slut!” came his command.

She knelt down, her hands still tied behind her, and opened her mouth wide, taking his cock and licking him, the unmistakable taste of her ass mingled with his seed, making it even more exciting. She had almost completely forgotten that she was outside on the street in front of her own house, and it wasn’t even midnight yet. The chances of being seen suddenly came to mind, stirring her even more. She licked and swallowed eagerly, and felt his cock stiffen again at the renewed attention.

“Don’t stop, you filthy bitch! Take it all! Look up at me! Look at me, slut!”

She looked up; keeping her balance with her tied hands, and swallowed most of his shaft. Alexa wanted to stroke his shaft and make him cum again, feeling the restrictions of her bonds. He took hold of her hair, twisting it delectably, and the pain spurred her on, as he pushed her back and forth on his stiffening rod. It was clear to Alexa that her Master was as turned on by their arrangement as she was, and it wasn’t long before she felt his thighs stiffen and his hot load emptied into her mouth with powerful spurts. She swallowed his cum enthusiastically, gulping down his spunk and giving a passing thought to her sleeping husband upstairs: so boring and so plain. How could she ever endure his touch again?

A few drops of his cum escaped her lips and dribbled down his balls and legs, and she devotedly licked them up as well.

“That’s a good little whore!” her Master said, “Lick up every drop. Don’t leave my cum on your street. It belongs in your filthy cum-dumpster mouth.”

“Yes, Master!” Alexa smiled, “You’re so tasty! Thank you, Master!”

He reached down and lifted her up, turning her naked body in the night air and untying her bonds. “You may go back in, slut, but be ready for my call tomorrow. What time is your lunch break?”

“I have an hour, starting at 12:30,” she answered. “My office is downtown on Salmon Street between Fourth and Fifth Avenues.”

“Then I’ll pick you up at 12:33, on Salmon Street, on the dot. Get into my car and I’ll have you back by 1:25.”

“Yes, Master,” she replied, “Should I wear anything special, Master?”

“Yes, I want you to wear your sluttiest outfit, your highest heels, and the underthings of a whore. Pick out something garish and tasteless, I want your co-workers to wonder what you’re up to. If they ask you where you’re going, you are to tell them you’re meeting a man.” He instructed, “Can you do that?”

Alexa thought through her wardrobe. She still had a few things from before she met Bill. They were clothes from her wider days. What she really wondered about was the reaction she’d have a work. Susan especially would be sure to say something. “Yes, Master, I have just the thing. I’m sure you’ll be pleased.” She answered.

“I’ll text you when I’m on my way, and I expect a quick reply.”

“Yes, Master, I’ll text you right back,” she said.

She heard the town car pull away as she wrapped the robe around her naked body, and mounted the stairs to her front door. Turning and scanning the dark surrounding houses, it was apparent the neighbors were all in bed. Her secret was safe for now, and she smiled as she entered the safety of her home. Alexa felt delectably sinful, savoring her Master’s control and already planning her wardrobe for the next day. She couldn’t wait to dress like a cheap whore on the prowl.

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  1. AC @ The Cracked Lens says:

    Fantastic, I always love a good spanking story.


    1. wordsmith56 says:

      Thank you! I aim to please… usually with a wooden paddle!

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