The Panty Raid


You’ve been selling panties on Craigslist for a long time and it’s been a thriving business. Then one day you got a response that made you squirm in your seat and flood your panties almost instantly:

“I want to breathe my hot breath into your panties and make you wet… then after I have my way with you, I’ll buy my souvenir and NEVER wash them!”

You wrote back almost immediately:

“Hi Jack ; ) You just got me sooo wet thinking about what you just told me! I am only selling the souvenir, as I have a bf. But sadly, he’s not much into pantie play and won’t breathe on me in the way I desire. Honestly I don’t know if I can even sit still after what you said I’m squirming in my seat!”

All day you got continually wet, thinking about his hot breath invading your crotch and how you longed for that kind of pantie play. You were faithful to your boyfriend, and you’d never thought of straying, but that thought burned into your mind, into your desires, into your dreams, even.

Then your boyfriend tells you weeks later he is going out of town with old school friends to a sports series in LA, and insists you won’t have any fun if you tag along. He’s going for a week and you haven’t gone without sex that long in years!

As the trip approaches, the thoughts turn up your inner lust. You keep thinking about that man from Sacramento with the hot breath on your panties. You say to yourself, quite convincingly, that if you don’t fuck another man that it isn’t really cheating, and then next chance you’re alone at your computer, you locate Jack’s email that you had slyly kept hidden in a file.

Taking a deep breath, you’re already feeling the familiar wetness fill your swelling lips as it floods your panties again and makes a spot on the chair as you type:

“Hey, hot breath! Want to help me produce a run of panties for sale? My stock is getting low and the last week of the month I’ll need some help making more. If you promise to be really good and stay on the outside of my panties, I think we can have some real fun for a few days! Are you free to join me down here?

You are amazed at how quickly you get answer! Within a minute, a reply lands in your box!

“Hell, yeah! I promise to be the perfect gentleman and obey all your rules, boundaries, and restrictions! You can expect me early the first evening and I’ll stay all week! To serve my pantie goddess will be my highest reward!”

My god, your cunt is positively streaming with hot fluids! You are in all the way now, with no going back! You’ve already sent him your address and he will show up right after your boyfriend leaves. But you’ve also shocked yourself how turned on you are by this lusty adventure you’ve planned. And what’s most delicious is you don’t dare tell any of your friends! This will be your dirty little secret!

Your excitement builds daily as the big trip approaches. You tell your boyfriend how much you will miss him and even suggest he stay and go on a romantic trip with you instead, all the while covertly planning every detail of your lusty tryst. You go shopping for panties, buying more than you probably can afford, and lacier and more expensive ones than you’ve used before. You hide them away, waiting for the big event.

Finally the day arrives, your boyfriend and his buddies pile into the car early in the morning, and you find yourself preparing in ways you never would for a big date: You got your nails done with a bright whore’s red on both fingers and toes, you rush out to the hairdresser, and then pick out a sexy short black skirt, knee high grey stockings and black Mary Jane patent leather high heels, a tight crop top that shows off your lovely cleavage in a push-bra. You put fresh cotton sheets on the bed, and clean the house, feeling like a horny slutty maid, waiting for her master to inspect the place.

The doorbell rings and you find yourself breathless. Rushing to the entrance, you open the door.

“Hi, I’m Jack, your heavy breather.”

“I hoped you practiced your heavy breathing, dear, I’m going to give your pipes a real workout!” you smile slyly.

“I’m counting on it,” I reply, “Thank you for putting your trust in me. I promise to be the perfect gentleman as I assist your business venture.”

“Not, too gentlemanly, I hope,” you smile broadly with hunger, “I’ve been getting wet anticipating this for weeks! Shall we begin, or do you want something to drink?”

“As long as there’s something for me to whet my whistle, I’ll be fine. Just something wet, don’t go to any bother.”

“Well, let me get you some sparkling water and then we can get started,” (You can’t believe how fast your heart is racing!) “Will the sofa be sufficient to begin?” you ask.

“That looks fine,” I say, “Why don’t you lie back across the sofa and I’ll start my sweet science from this end?”

You return to the living room with two tall glasses of sparkling water on ice, and lay back on the sofa, with a pillow on the far arm, you spread your lovely legs slightly and smile, saying, “Come into my treasure trove, my dear, but be careful not to open the lid!”

“Your wish is my command, princess of panties!” I reply, kneeling down and opening your legs a little more with my hands. Gently, I begin to trace the outside edge of your panties, around on shapely thigh and then the other, finding more paths among the intricate lace. I’m already hungry to put my mouth to your crotch but I hold back, building your anticipation. “Lightly now,” I say, “We have all the time in the world!”

You throw back your head and let out a soft sigh, the lusty slut in you that planned this from the beginning is already chomping at the bit, want more. You take deep breaths, in and out several times, hoping to slow your pounding heart. Your palms are already wet, and your cunt is wetter.

It feels as if I will be tracing every single thread of lace before I relent and put my mouth to your wetness, time stands still, and your mound is already fully engorged.

Finally, after a painful ordeal of teasing you, I lower my mouth between your thighs as you eagerly raise your crotch to me with a tilting of your pelvis.

You begin to feel me breathing on you, without touching you yet. The wait is excruciating! OH. MY. GOD. You think, when oh, when is he going to touch me with those hot lips???

I breathe that ravenously awaited hot air into you, opening my mouth wide to encompass your swollen lips. Once. Twice. Thee times.

Then I back away to lick your panties, following the paths my finger had pioneered across your mound. You press up greedily, starving for more, More, MORE! Pressing down hard again, right over your clit, my tongue traces around it within my wide mouth. Jesus! You begin to regret you made me promise to behave.

Without warning you feel the beginning of the wave hit you, deep in your dripping cunt. Shuddering like an earthquake and unstoppable as an avalanche, your orgasmic tremors climax in an incredible explosion as you press even harder on my mouth and could swear I had entered you, fucking you deeply. You tremble and shake for a full minute as you gush out of your cunt, wanting more than you ever dreamed.

“OH MY GOD, JACK!” You cry out, “Jesus! Fuck!”

I start to withdraw but you grab my hair, holding my head firmly down. “Not yet, mister!” you cry, “I’m not done with you yet!”

It was going to be a long evening and you knew your inward slut was in control. Anything could happen, and probably would…




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